Nebraska Flooding Response [UPDATED]

Southview Family,

As the flood waters are receding and roads are opening, here are four ways you can respond to our regional flooding through our church family.

  1. Pray. Though one may be tempted to think it is “nothing" to pray, it is not. Yesterday we prayed specifically in staff meeting: We had an answer within two hours. I’ll share that in a moment. You can pray for the folks whose homes and businesses have been flooded. You can pray that an overwhelming number of volunteers will show up to help now.

  2. Give. You can give online through our local association of churches, the Heartland Church Network (HCN). Note “flooding” in the special instruction section just above your credit card information with your gift and 100% will go to meet the needs of our neighbors. Click here to give through HCN.

  3. Go. Longer term. If you can serve for one week at a time with a Southern Baptist Disaster Relief team, contact Kathy Cumpton, our HCN Disaster Relief Coordinator. You can pick the week. You will be deployed with a shower trailer, laundry trailer, or mud out trailer based on your ability and preference. This need may be for months.

Before I close, the story I mentioned above.

In our church staff meeting Tuesday the 19th, we prayed specifically for a way for our folks to serve for a day at a time and a way that was open to teenagers and families with mature children who can serve.

I was not surprised when I heard from longtime Southview member Chris Jansen and his sister Susan Hinrichs within two hours. Susan lives in Valley. She connected me with Pastor Carl Ratcliff of United Faith Community Church there. The church is the clearinghouse for all supplies and volunteers in Valley. After an investigative trip Thursday the 21st, we see clearly how we can help. They need people. We can bring people.

Contact me directly for more info.

Pastor Aaron


Updated 2019-03-21: Removed a paragraph that no longer applies to the response efforts.
Updated 2019-03-22: Final two paragraphs updated with more current information.