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Theme Nights

November 8 - Thankful for Food
We're all thankful to have food to eat.  One way farmers and gardeners used to make sure birds left their crops alone was to use a scarecrow.  Let's have fun and dress as scarecrows tonight.  Extra points for participating.

November 15 - Thankful for Sharing
Let's show our thankfulness for food by sharing some with others.  Bring a food item or two tonight that we will donate to the city mission.  We'll measure both weight and length and see which color team brought the most.

November 22 - No Clubs
Enjoy the evening with your family!  Happy Thanksgiving!

November 29 - Thankful for Treats
Christmas is coming.  A favorite Christmas treat is a candy cane.  Dress as one tonight for extra points.

December 6 - Thankful for St. Nicholas
Nicholas was a real person who was known for helping the sick and poor.  To recognize his giving nature, bring a note to give to your Awana leader telling why you are thankful for him/her.  Maybe color a picture to go with your note.

December 13 - Thankful for Fun
We'll have several fun things tonight.  You'll earn a bow to put on your leader for every section you pass, wearing your uniform, and bringing your handbook.  AND we'll have special games at Game Time.

December 20 - Thankful for Christmas / Christmas Party
We'll celebrate Christmas tonight after Handbook (Small Group) Time.  Each family is asked to bring a dozen cookies to share.  Parents and Grandparents are invited to join us.  Watch for details.

December 27 and January 3 - No Clubs
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


No Clubs - November 22, December 27, January 3
December 20 - Christmas Party
January 10 - Clubs resume
February 10 - T & T Bible Quiz