Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

Hooked on Awana!

"Reel In A Friend" Contest: Bring a friend twice or 2 different friends from Kick Off through August 29 and receive a free kids' meal coupon from Slim Chicken.

"Fishing Through Our Books" Contest: How do you feed a crowd a meal? One fish at a time. How do you complete your handbook? One section at a time. So let's start getting into the habit of passing sections.  Over the next 5 weeks (August 29 - Sept 26), passing sections will move your boat on the bulletin board through the fishing hot spots. If you pass through all of the hot spots, you'll earn some 'rainbow bait' for yourself. We'll have a couple of special theme nights to help guide you through the water. Sparks and 6th graders need to pass 10 sections (2 a week). Evidence of Grace clubbers (3rd - 5th) need to pass 5 sections (Unit 1.1 - 1.5 would be best). August 22 will be a "bonus" night. You can add this night's section(s) if you need them to complete the contest.

Theme Nights

August 29 - "Reel 'em In"

Tonight's the last night for our friend contest - although you can always bring a friend! Instead of 20 points for bringing a friend, receive 50.

Sept 5 - "Just Keep Fishing"

Receive a fishy prize for passing sections tonight. The prize is based on how many sections you pass - 1, 2, 3 or 5 for Sparks and 6th grade. 3rd - 5th graders get 2 sections credit for passing Unit 1.2. Add more "sections" by passing the Silver and/or Gold extra credit. Be sure to catch up on any you haven't passed yet.

Sept 12 - "Here Fishy, Fishy"

If you were going to go fishing, what would you wear or take other than fishing equipment? Show us by wearing or bringing your fishing outfit/items - something about the clothes must be different from what you usually wear to club. Points for participating.

Sept 19 - "Hook, Line, & Sinker"

You've got passing sections all rigged up (you know what you're doing). Double points for passing sections tonight.

Sept 26 - "Caught in Uniform"  Last night of section contest

Be sure you wear your uniform tonight to catch those extra points! We'll have a special guest - one of our Awana missionaries will pay us a visit.

Oct 3 - "Fish Fry"

How did you do? Did your boat hit all the fishing spots? Prizes will be given out at the end of club. You get a chance to spend some extra time with your Small Group leader tonight.


August 8 - All Awana volunteer meeting, 6:30 PM
August 12 - Family Kick-Off Event, 3:15 - 5:00 PM
August 15 - 1st night of Club, 6:00 PM

No Clubs - Nov 21, Dec 26, Jan 2, April 10

April 17 - Last Handbook Night
April 24 - Award Service Rehearsal and Games (everyone should attend!)
May 4 - Award Service and Carnival

We celebrate the clubbers’ accomplishments from the year at an Award Service and Carnival on the first Saturday evening in May. All clubbers participate and are recognized at our Award Service. We then enjoy a pizza supper and 'carnival style' games. Clubbers receive one carnival game ticket for each 100 points earned each Wednesday throughout the year. All games offer prizes including coupons to redeem for larger prizes at the end of the Carnival.  It's a great way to end the year!