Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

Be a L.A.M.P.
(Love all my people)

How can you shine God's love on others? One way is through missions.  As we focus on missions over the next several weeks, can we reach our goal of $260? This year we will support Awana Go and the Hispanic Church Plant. For every $10 given to Awana Go, one child will be able to attend Awana at a club in another country. We will also give to a missionary right here in Lincoln. Come to club to learn more! To have fun with our giving, each clubber who makes a minimum contribution or contributes either baked goods or time to our bake sale will get to help make a "human hot dog".

On Sunday, March 4, we will have a Bake Sale in the time between Worship and Bible Study to help raise money for our mission projects. Clubbers may participate by baking items, helping put price tags on items, or helping sell items. Donations of baked goods will be accepted on Saturday, March 3. Details will be communicated closer to the event.

Theme Nights

February 14 - Love Your Neighbor
God tells us to love our neighbor. Who is our neighbor? We'll talk about this in Large Group Time. Write down the name of someone you need to do a better job of loving and bring the name to club.

February 21 - Sparks vs T & T
For fun tonight, which Club can bring the most money per clubber - the Sparks or T & T? We'll have a 'real' Missionary speak to us tonight and learn why he and his family are in Lincoln and where they came from.

February 28 - GLOW - God Loves Our World
If you can recite John 3:16 tonight, you will receive a glowstick.

Sunday, March 4 - Bake Sale

March 7 - Lamp Night
Did you know that 'lamp' is another name for a 'flashlight'? Bring a flashlight tonight for a fun evening. Don't forget to bring your money tonight or next week if you are giving.

March 14 - Team Night
We've been working as a team to bring money for missions. We can often accomplish more when we work together. Wear clothing of your favorite team for extra points tonight.

March 21 - NO CLUBS
Please join us this evening (or at an upcoming performance) for "This Day of Resurrection".

March 28 - SHINE - So Happy I kNow JEsus!
We'll celebrate Easter and learn how much money we brought to Shine the Light of
Jesus on others. And it's human hot dog time!


February 10 - T & T Bible Quiz
March 21 - No Clubs (please attend a presentation of This Day of Resurrection.)
April 18 - Last Handbook Night
April 25 - Rehearsal and Game Night
Saturday, May 5 - Award Service and Carnival