Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

April Showers Bring . . . 

The calendar shows it is spring. Our Awana calendar shows we're almost done! It's time to get moving through our last theme nights and sections. 

Theme Nights

April 4 - Moustache Night & Double Points Night
Show us your best moustache tonight for extra points! Tonight would be a great night to get several sections done - you'll get double points for all sections passed this evening.

Finished with your book/review for the year?

  • For Sparks - if you've finished your book, go back and do some review sections. If you've finished review/frequent flyer cards, go back and do the Rank path review.
  • For T & T - if you've finished your book or are caught up in Grace in Action, do some Silver/Gold sections.

We'll have a special Large Group Time in a couple of weeks. Bring back any Bible questions you would like to have Pastor Aaron answer.

April 11 - Backward Night & Uniform Inspection 
It's time to make sure all of the awards you have earned are on your uniform so you are ready for the Award Service. AND wear your uniform and whatever else backwards tonight for extra points and extra fun! 

April 18 - Simon Says Night & Ask the Pastor
Who's best at leading Simon Says? Who's best at playing? Come find out! ALSO ... tonight is the last night to pass sections! Pizza Meal sales begin!

April 25 - Award Service Rehearsal & Games 
It's important to be here tonight!! We’ll practice for our Award Service, give out perfect attendance awards, and have fun playing games. You’ll receive your carnival tickets this evening. If you cannot attend the Award Service, please let Miss Sandi or one of the Secretaries know by April 18 and we will give you your award tonight. 

Saturday, May 5 - Award Service & Carnival
Tonight we'll recognize the accomplishments of all of the Clubbers during our Award Service. Immediately following, we will have a pizza meal, Silent Auction, and carnival games with redemption area. Pizza meal tickets will be available for purchase beginning April 18. Our evening begins at 5 p.m. and will be complete by 8 p.m. More details soon! 


April 18 - Last Handbook Night
April 25 - Rehearsal and Game Night
Saturday, May 5 - Award Service and Carnival