Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

It’s time to get moving through your book. You’ll want to hit the track with your engine running (pass sections) so you can earn a Grand Prix car kit. Pass 10 sections by the end of Handbook Time on Oct. 4 and receive a car kit. [3rd/4th Graders - you should have all sections, including the Start Zone, completed through Unit 1.6 by Oct. 4.] Check your vehicle as it goes around the track on the bulletin board to know how close to the finish line you are (earning your kit).

Additional information about our Grand Prix rules will be given in September. A time to cut out vehicles will be scheduled and announced soon.

Theme Nights

Sept 6 – Choose Your Vehicle
Tonight you will not only get to chose your prize from our last contest, but also chose what paper vehicle you would like to represent you on the bulletin board.

Sept 13 – Recruit New 'Drivers'
Invite your friends to join us at Awana!  How many visitors can we bring tonight?  You will receive double visitor points tonight and you and your guest(s) will receive a piece of candy.

Sept 20 – Pilots'/Engineers'/Drivers’ Meeting 
There are rules for racing just as we have rules for Awana Clubs.  Put on your thinking cap to remember the rules you've already been told and be ready for a rules quiz at Large Group Time.

Sept 27 – Flying High
Have you ever ridden in a plane or on a train?  If so, write down whether a plane or a train and where you went for extra points.  Haven't been on either?  Then which one would you like to ride on and where would you go?

Oct 4 – Caution Flag
Tonight’s the deadline!  If you don’t have your sections passed by the end of Handbook Time, you won’t earn your Grand Prix car kit.  Don’t nose dive/derail/spin out now!

Oct 11 – Speeding By!
You've been going so fast in your vehicle that your hair is sticking out all over
the place.  Show us for extra points!

Oct 18 – Whistle Stop
Time to get to know your Pit Crew!  (You’ll get to spend some extra time with your leaders tonight.)

Oct 25 – White Flag Lap
Prep time for Grand Prix is almost over!  Bring your car tonight to see how well it travels down the track.  You can have a parent stay tonight and help you.  (No racing allowed.)

Nov 1 – Grand Prix Victory
Tonight will be our Grand Prix Event.  Don’t forget to bring your car!


Wednesday, August 9 - ALL Awana volunteers meeting
Wednesday, August 16 - Kick-Off Event