Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

Theme Nights

Happy ‘New’ Year!

It's a new calendar year and we're back from our break.  To help us get back into the Awana routine, we'll have a few fun Theme Nights before we focus on missions giving.  You might want to start saving or doing some extra chores to be ready for our "round up"!

January 9 - Beat the Clock

On your mark — Get set — Wait!!!

You don't know what you are to do yet! You'll find out at Club tonight as we see how fast, how far, or how many each color team is/has/can do. (Hints:  practice your books of the bible, have your sections ready, and wear good running shoes.)

January 16 - Nerd Night

Who can look the Nerdiest tonight? Extra points and a box of Nerds for participating. (Suggestions: slicked down hair/unbalanced pony tails, thick or broken glasses, half-tucked in shirts, white socks, short pants, pocket protector)

January 23 - Blizzard Night

Whether it's cold and snowy outside or not, we'll have some 'wintry' fun at game time.


No Clubs - April 10
February 16 - T & T Bible Quiz
April 17 - Last Handbook Night
April 24 - Award Service Rehearsal and Game Night (everyone should attend!)
May 4 - Award Service and Carnival

We celebrate the clubbers’ accomplishments from the year at an Award Service and Carnival on the first Saturday evening in May. All clubbers participate and are recognized at our Award Service. We then enjoy a pizza supper and 'carnival style' games. Clubbers receive one carnival game ticket for each 100 points earned each Wednesday throughout the year. All games offer prizes including coupons to redeem for larger prizes at the end of the Carnival.  It's a great way to end the year!