Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

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Are you an Awana Ninja Warrior?

What is an Awana Ninja Warrior? 
Awana Ninja Warriors depend on Jesus to help them through problems or troubles. 
But Warriors must train to get better! How? 
By reading the Bible; praying; learning from teachers and parents at church, Awana and home; studying for Awana; and more.


The contest is to help encourage you to get started working through your Handbook.  You will have a paper Ninja Warrior on the Awana bulletin board.  You have from August 21 - October 2 (7 weeks) to collect stars.  You will receive prizes based on how many stars you've earned:  10-13, 14-18, or 19+

Sparks - Each time you pass a section, a star will be placed on your Warrior.  The Sparks Flight 3:16 Entrance booklet counts as 3 sections.  

T & T- Each time you pass a part of a section (each section has two parts), a star will be placed on your Warrior.  The parts are:  'Start Here/Explore' and 'Memorize'. The Silver and Gold are each worth a star. 

Theme Nights

August 21 - "Up for the Challenge"
Are you ready to start training?  Of course you are!  And we're ready for you!  Bring your book and let's get started!!

August 28 - "Team Building Challenge"
How many people can you have on your color team tonight?  Bring a friend to make your team bigger and we'll find out who has the biggest team.  You will receive 50 points for bringing a visitor tonight (instead of 20) (and Sparks will  pass Red Jewel 1:1)!  You and your friend should wear clothing in your color team's color for bonus points!

September 4 - "Game Challenge"
We'll have more obstacle games at Game Time tonight.  As always, wear appropriate shoes and clothing!  Who will be the fastest in your group?

September 11 - "Maximum Section Challenge"
How many sections can you properly pass tonight?  Double points for sections!

September 18 - "Wild Color Challenge"
Let's brighten up our evening.  Wear neon colors or tie dye for extra points.

September 25 - "Personal Obstacle Challenge"
Write down one or more things you have trouble with or struggle to do (obstacles) for extra points.  For example:  study your Awana verses, be nice to your brother/sister.  Can you name what it is that stops/keeps you from overcoming the obstacle (for more points)?  For example:  I'd rather play one more level of my video game.

October 2 - "Uniform Challenge"
Can every Sparky wear their uniform tonight?  Be sure you have your uniform for 50 points!

October 9 - "Challenge Met!"
You'll have extra time with your leaders this evening to get to know them better and enjoy a snack.  You'll also receive your Warrior prize.

2019-2020 Calendar

August 21: 1st night of Club
August 24: Leader Training
No Clubs: Nov 27, Dec 25, Jan 1, April 1

We celebrate the clubbers’ accomplishments from the year at an Award Service and Carnival on the first Saturday evening in May. All clubbers participate and are recognized at our Award Service. We then enjoy a pizza supper and 'carnival style' games. Clubbers receive one carnival game ticket for each 100 points earned each Wednesday throughout the year. All games offer prizes including coupons to redeem for larger prizes at the end of the Carnival.  It's a great way to end the year!