Awana Calendar & Theme Nights

Our year is almost over. Join us for these last club nights.

April 12 – Easter Emphasis

Tonight we will have a few special "hoppy Easter" times. Get your questions in for Pastor Aaron.

April 19 – Uniform Inspection and Last Handbook Night

Make sure all of your jewels/patches/emblems are on your uniform. You'll get extra points for having everything in place. Missing something? No worries. We'll see what you might be missing and send it home with you.

Pastor Aaron will be answering your questions tonight during Large Group Time. Tonight is also the last night to pass Handbook Sections.

April 26 – Games and Rehearsal

It is very important that you attend club tonight! We will be rehearsing for our Award Service, giving out your carnival tickets, presenting Awards to those who can't join us at the Award Service, and having some extra Game Time.

May 3 – No Club/Carnival Set-Up

We don't have activities for 6th grade and below (The Deep will still meet) BUT any adult is welcome to come help set up for Carnival.


Saturday, May 6 @ 5 p.m. – Awana Award Service and Carnival 

Wednesday, May 10 – Awana Volunteer Meeting