Sunday School


No matter your stage in life or where you are at in your walk with Christ, there's always room to grow. Spiritual growth happens best with other believers, so we offer Sunday School classes for all ages.  At 11:00am each Sunday following our Worship Service, we hold classes welcoming everyone from infants through great-grandparents. Sunday School classes for children and students are by age and grade level. Adult classes are grouped by life stage or topical study. Nursery is always provided.

In addition to our main 11:00am classes, we offer one 8:15 empty-nesters class without childcare. 

If you have any questions about our classes, contact us or call the office.

Adult Classes

A.M.O.S - A Message of Salvation

For Adults of All Ages
Class leaders: Larry Zimmerman and Don Moody
11:00 AM - East Side of Fellowship Hall

We welcome adults seeking to walk closer with Christ. By using a mix of expository and topical studies, our class studies God's Word to grow in the knowledge and likeness of Christ, with the goal of developing and equipping servants. 


Get Real

For Adults of All Ages
Class leaders: JL Schmidt and Chris De Jabet
11:00 AM - West side of Fellowship Hall

A Sunday School experience where the rubber meets the road. By teaching real-life applications of Christian topics, our goal is to equip disciples to reach out in ways appropriate in contemporary society.


Prime Time

For High School Graduates
Class leaders: Mark Bogen and Ryan Cole
11:00 AM - Southeast corner of Fellowship Hall

Together, we're finding our purpose in life. Join us as we find out what God wants us to be and where He wants us to go. 


P.U.P. (Precept Upon Precept)

For Adults of All Ages
Class leader: Carl Brown
11:00 AM - Southwest corner of Fellowship Hall

We establish people in God's Word using Inductive Bible Study, which uses the Bible as the primary source of study. Precept studies are designed to equip class members with study tools to discover Biblical truths for themselves. 


The Seasoned Class

For Seniors, Single and Mixed
Class leader: Joan Sinkule
11:00 AM - Large conference room

Our goal is to teach God's Word while forming close and loving relationships. Emphasizing loving one another, we have always been a tight-knit class. 


The Super Stars

For Adults with Special Needs
Class leader: Sandi Born
11:00 AM - West classroom in South hallway

Our class currently consists of special needs adults in their 50s and 60s. We teach out of the book "Adults with Special Needs". 


What If…

For Adults of All Ages
Class leaders: Mark Pomeroy and Bob Rung
8:00 AM - Large conference room

In a time of unparalleled social, cultural, and technological upheaval, we aim to examine and discuss effective strategies for living Christian lives in order to disciple others in the spheres God places us. By using the Conx2share mobile app, we offer meaningful, face-to-face discipleship that is not bound by location.